Choir Boosters

2019-2020 Choir Booster Meetings (open to all choir parents)

All meetings are in the Choir Room (M-1) staring at 7:00pm, with the exception of the August 21st meeting which will take place in the Hacienda.

The Purposes of the Los Altos High School Choir Boosters:

  1. To provide organizational and financial support of the Los Altos High School Choral Music Ensembles.
  2. To promote and encourage school board, administrative, faculty, student, and community interest and support of the Los Altos High School Choral Music.
  3. To promote the development of student leadership and musicianship.
  4. To foster a closer relationship between home, student, and music department faculty through parental involvement.

Who is an LAHS Booster Member?

If you have a student in one of the choirs at Los Altos High School, YOU ARE A BOOSTER MEMBER!

Contact one of our Booster Cabinet Members or Mr. Fahey ( for more information.

2019-2020 Choir Booster Cabinet

President: Viki Clark

Vice-President: Jessica Russell

Secretary: Gina Fisher

Treasurer: Michelle Gonzalez

Parliamentarian: Edeliza Mainit

Parent Volunteer Coordinator: Nancy Mora